New Life Project Version 0.4.8 …

New Life Project

New Life Project

Meet a young, vibrant 18-year-old girl from Riverton Heights – popular, well-connected, and living her best life!
Perky tits and firm ass. Her body at its prime!
On her 18th birthday, she went out with friends for a few drinks to celebrate, nothing too wild.
What happened next, nobody knows as everything faded to black… Discover her story and unravel the mystery!?



Completely reworked the camgirl line. Gain followers and unlock options to camming. Get paid according to your follower count!
Special thanks to Taulion for working on the algorithmic diminishing follower gain and widget for the scenes.
Halved tips gained from followers. This should even out to more money in tips either way, due to the increased amount of followers available to gain.
Added an asylum. Don’t let your sanity fade away! Otherwise, you’re gonna have some problems getting back out.
Nerdy specs for the above 3 points.
3.010 words added!
23 passages added!
Minor bugfixes.
Spelling fixes.
Added a bunch of images!
Added a new event to the bar job, which requires 250+ corruption.
Added 42 new images


Developer: Nota Bao
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.4.8
Language: English
Size: 450 mb

Download game: