Lust Is Stranger

Lust Is Stranger v0.20 …

While exploring the place, he discovers this strange incident seems to be affecting everyone around, and now it’s up to him to decide how he will tackle (or take advantage of) the situation.? Developer: The Architect Platform: Windows Censored: No Version: 0.20 Language: English Size: 1100 mb Download game:  

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Clean Slate

Clean Slate v0.12.4

You are given a chance to start your life over with a clean slate — but even your gender is up for grabs and if you don’t play your cards right you might end up with a future you never imagined possible. This is a sandbox game and while there will (eventually) be a main…

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Favorite Teacher

Favorite Teacher New Version 1.23

Play as a newly hired Biology teacher who desires to corrupt his fellow teachers, neighbours and his students. Seduce scores of women, from your sexy neighbour right up to the principal of the school. Work, Corrupt and fuck to become everyone’s Favorite Teacher. Developer: SluttyStar Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux Language: English Version: 1.23 Censored: No…

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House Party

House Party version

The House Party game (which is available for free right now on the site mentioned below) is similar to a lot of the browser-based games where your choices influence your success as you progress in the game, but it plays like a first-person RPG with interactive game models, characters, and physics, like the aforementioned Leisure…

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About It

About It Version 0.95.4 Public

The main idea of the game is to find relationships with the generated NPC’s and have fun in the open world sandbox. Particular attention is paid to non-linearity of the passage and to reducing the number of repetitive events. The core of the game consists of the virtual world (at this stage it is limited…

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The Lustland Adventure

The Lustland Adventure Version 0034.1

Lord Kvento is a famous 3D artist, known for his comics and animations, often with futa characters. He has started the development of The Lustland Adventure – a 3D computer game developed with the Unreal Engine and set in a fantasy world.? Developer: Lord-Kvento Platform: Windows Language: English Version: 0034.1 Censored: No Size: 3430 mb…

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