Beef in the City

Beef in the City v0.08.0

The story puts you in the shoes of a rich city guy who has come to a small town hoping to move in with his girlfriend. But when fate decides otherwise, the protagonist finds himself embroiled in gang warfare and even becomes part of the criminal underworld himself. Developer: Pig&Pug Platform: Windows Censored: No Version:…

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Nephilim Version 0.3.2

Nephilim tells the story of a young man growing up. On a fateful night a wanderer finds our mc (You), he decides to take him under his wing to train him for several years, after being gone for 10 years. You returns to his home village, now a young man hardened by years of rough…

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Companion of DARKNESS

Companion of DARKNESS Chapter 5

3 years after a tragic incident, you return to your hometown. Just before you reach your destination, you watch as two supernatural forces pit their strength against each other in a fight to the death. It seems that you have been discovered and effortlessly overwhelmed, but instead of dying you wake up in your bed…

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A SuperHero Story

A SuperHero Story v0.5

You’ve just learned that you have to potential to possess super-human abilities. In a world full of superheroes and supervillains, will you be able to make an impact? Join a secret SuperHero Academy, unlock your full potential, create your own story. And also, if you want to, fuck every woman you meet. Developer: EXV Studios…

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OutnumbereD Version 0.3

You’ve literally reached a Dead end, find out what lead you here and if this really is, the only outcome of your actions. OutnumbereD is an Adult VN that follows “Grizz” in his path of revenge. Find out why he decides to do so and how it all eventually ends. Developer: Tataugas Platform: Windows Censored:…

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The Renaissance

The Renaissance (0.05)

The game will tell you about a handsome and self-confident guy, who at his very young age has achieved considerable heights. He has never had a problem getting any woman he wants, and his career has developed at an incredible rate. This guy can not be called a pleasant, or kind person, but he was…

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