Time Shifter Version 0.3.9p


Time Shifter

Many people say that time can’t be returned, you had so many opportunities to change your life,
you didn’t take advantage of them. Now you are surrounded by an endless gray routine.
But your life will change after fate itself gives you another chance, you will move into the past to change your present!


• Added 4 erotic dream.
• Added 4 new variation for “Go to bed” action.
• Added 4 new variation for “Read comics” action.
• Added content in laptop.
• Added Threesome video in laptop.
• Added Hentai video in laptop.
• Added MILF video in laptop.
• Added Amateur video in laptop.
• Added Lesbian video in laptop.
• Changed “Go to bed” action.
• Changed “Read comics” action.
• Changed actions icons in my bedroom.
• Improvements and bug fixes.


Developer: HotLoad
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Time Shifter Version: 0.3.9p
Language: English
File size: 618 mb

Download game:



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