Time Shifter Version 0.9.5

Time Shifter

Time Shifter

Many people say that time can’t be returned, you had so many opportunities to change your life,
you didn’t take advantage of them. Now you are surrounded by an endless gray routine.
But your life will change after fate itself gives you another chance, you will move into the past to change your present!


• Reduced delay after clicks.
• Overall game performance has been increased.

• Added “Go to bed” button on left UI bar.

Erotic Dreams
• Added 3 new erotic dreams with Sophia.

Sex Dreams
• Added 1 new sex dream with Sarah.
• Added 1 new sex dream with Amelia.
• Added 1 new sex dream with Sophia.

Hentai manga
After you complete “Hentai manga? Where!?” Side Quest, you will unlock hentai manga in the Kevin`s comic book store.
• Added 1 new hentai manga: Seven Days Holiday.
• Added 1 new hentai manga: Nighttime Sex Training with Kashima.

Sex Scenes
• Added 1 new sex scene with Sophia.
• Added 1 new threesome sex scene with Callie and Emma.


Developer: HotLoad
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.9.5
Language: English
Size: 992 mb

Download game:



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