Hero Corruption 2

Hero Corruption 2 vHero Corruption 2 v0.70

Play as a Hero in this Roguelike RPG: Fight girls and challenge yourself for the highest Score while preserving you Hero’s sanity. Will your Hero be a Legend or a Sex Slave? Developer: diogaoo Platform: Windows Censored: No Version: v0.70 Language: English Size: 126 mb Download game: https://k2s.cc/file/46e6a76b47cd6/HeroCorruption2-0.70-win.zip  

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Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom Version 0.4

MC live with his mother and sister while his father is on a long-term business trip. When the clinic sent him a message that the application for testing new drugs had been received and that he had been selected for testing. Those new drugs that he will test cause the control of other people through…

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My Girlfriend & My Futa Grandma 2

My Girlfriend & My Futa Grandma 2 v0.4

Guess whose back? Back again? Granny’s back…tell your girlfriends. But wait…a freak snow and rain storm has brought transportation to a halt! Developer: Icarus Media Platform: Windows Censored: No Version: 0.4 Language: English Size: 2670 mb Download game: https://k2s.cc/file/81fd1fb52d598/MyGirlfriendAndMyFutaGrandma2-0.4-pc.zip  

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Bitch Land

Bitch Land (Build 4)

Bitch Land is a 3D/Sandbox/FPS/Strategy/Sex/Builder/Exploration game In a post-apocalyptic world, you start in the BitchLand city that your parents built. And now it’s your time to venture into the Open World wilderness and build your own cities, drive tanks/cars, get resources, invade visit settlements and capture acquire new people for you. But first you must…

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Harem of Heroes

Harem of Heroes Version 0.002b

The MC is an ordinary girl who finds herself one day having a superpower, and decides to use it to control people’s minds and become a supervillain Developer: Demon Flower Studios Platform: Windows Censored: No Version: 0.002b Language: English Size: 523 mb Download game: https://k2s.cc/file/06e4e52e43341/Harem_of_Heroes-v0.002b-pc.zip  

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A SuperHero Story

A SuperHero Story v0.5

You’ve just learned that you have to potential to possess super-human abilities. In a world full of superheroes and supervillains, will you be able to make an impact? Join a secret SuperHero Academy, unlock your full potential, create your own story. And also, if you want to, fuck every woman you meet. Developer: EXV Studios…

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