Knockout Master

Knockout Master Round 12

Knockout Master puts you in the role of a boxer, whose dream is to become the champion of the Boxing League, while at the same time dealing with different people in his life. Who will you choose, and what will you do to become the Knockout Master? Developer: MooN Platform: Windows Censored: No Version: Round…

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A Slut Phone Version 0.21

A Slut Phone is an erotic text-based game, taking place in the phone of a girl, that you’re gonna play as. See her story through her texts, read her diary, creep into her gallery… And most importantly, make choices for her! She’s an unlucky, and submissive girl, in a bad situation. Developer: Aason Platform: Windows…

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SnowStorm Version 0.6 DR

Far in the North, surrounded by lakes, mountains, and forests, three clans are coexisting in the strange village of Njardarheimr: the Hvitr Ulfr (White Wolves), the Myrk Hrafn (Dark Ravens), and the Bloba Bjorn (Bloody Bears). Those clans are so different, nothing seems to bring them together, but when facing greater danger, they become the…

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Hail Dicktator

Hail Dicktator Version 0.64.1

Down on your luck, you suddenly receive a letter from an uncle you never knew you had. He offers you a job to manage his tropical island resort. You find it’s full of beautiful women and a strange culture of punishment and reward. But perhaps the island itself is even stranger than the people that…

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Under Control

Under Control v0.1.19A

Under Control is a visual novel that is in a very early stage of development, you will start controlling the life of a young man who wants to break with everything and start a new life. You can explore and manage your time as you wish, as well as improve your skills that can help…

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Nephilim v0.3.7

Nephilim tells the story of a young man growing up. On a fateful night a wanderer finds our mc (You), he decides to take him under his wing to train him for several years, after being gone for 10 years. You returns to his home village, now a young man hardened by years of rough…

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My Bully Is My Lover

My Bully Is My Lover Ch1 Ep3 Part 2

Fought your way through heaven and hell just to change your physical appearance, and one day swore that you will get your revenge. However, after reaching adulthood, you realized that taking revenge is just a waste of time and decided to just move on with life. One day, your landlady put the other rooms in…

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Polyturnon version 0.11

What if you could win the lottery, be filthy rich, and buy an island populated with beautiful women? That’s what Polyturnon is all about! From your own mega mansion to a college for wayward girls, all sorts of sights and characters can be found. Explore a whole island packed full of 68 very different and…

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Trolley Trouble

Trolley Trouble version 0.17.0

Trolley Trouble is a Kinetic Novel where the story starts with an almost lovely family returning from a vacation. They seems to have trouble with one of their trolley, And one trouble brings another. See how a married couple get manipulated and gives themselves into worldly pleasure at a cost of their faithfulness. Developer: NTRaction…

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