My Destiny (v0.14 Public)


Blowing Wind

My Destiny (aka Blowing Wind) is a game where you start as a boy who will be exploring a lot of new things in his life. The idea of the game is to make it a “Life-Sim” and every choice matters.?

0.14 The Third Hole Update

– Self TF Route:

• More scenes with Liam

– Mistress Route:

• 2 more scenes for the Red Drink path

• One special scene after the events of the last added scene
– You will just have to walk outside the house to trigger this scene

– General:

• Added new random events when travelling to a location while wearing revealing outfit
– New random events are based on which tattoos you have. So far, there are 7 unique events
(Facial “Free Whore” Tattoo, “Whore Stamp” Tattoo, “Fuck Me” Tattoo, “Slut Life” Tattoo, “Must Be…” Tattoo, Cum Dumpster Drawing Tattoo, and “Fuck Hole” Tattoo)
(Warning: If you have any other tattoos than this it will add to the list the code checks for. Since some of the tattoos aren’t added yet to have a proper scene of their own, they will lead to another “default” scene not related to them, so if you don’t get any of these new scenes when you feel like you should, it could be because of this.)

• Added introduction for the College Proffessor for the girl stage
– 2 different introductions depending on how much you talked to him prior transformation (Only triggered if you’ve “hanged out” with him before)

• Added new Surgery: Sex Change.
– This feature’s still in a pretty early stage, mostly what it does at the moment is open more opportunities for new scenes, but still doesn’t change much any of the older scenes
– New scenes may be found in these places: Random events when dressed with exhibitionist clothing, Whoring at the Red Light District and Camming.
– Pregnancy is half-done at the moment, so it isn’t possible to get pregnant yet. However, most stuff related to this feature is already explained inside the game.

• One new event you can unlock after reaching one of the endings (I’ll start calling this the Corrupted Stage)
– You will have to go to any men’s bathroom to unlock the event (The MC will get an “idea” there)

• 1 New piece of extremely risque clothing added (As of now, it’s exclusive to the Mistress’ Route Red Drink Path, but it will have a method of unlocking it in the future)

• New achievements added.
– “The Virgin Killer” : As of now, the only way to get this achievement is in one of the random scenes that’ll trigger when travelling around in exhibitionist clothing while having a pussy
– “For Public Use” : The only way to get this as of this update is the event in the bathroom mentioned earlier
– “Popularity: Town” : This will be a part of a series of achievements of ‘Popularity’. Right now, this one can only be unlocked by going through the new events in the Red Drink path of the Mistress Route

– Bugfix:
• Jobs should now be working properly and be accesible
• In the Self-TF route, opting out of wearing a cage should be working correctly now
• Minor bug fixes regarding the wardrobe’s sets
• Fixed wording and writing details on some scenes
• Nick’s introduction should be showing up now

Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.14 Public
Censored: No
Size: 285 mb

Download game:


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