Four Elements Trainer Version 0.8.1f


Four Elements TrainerFour Elements Trainer

Four Elements TrainerFour Elements Trainer

Four Elements Trainer is a massive undertaking set in the universes of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, and will be four complete games all united into one. Along the way, you’ll find plenty of (fuckable!) characters, quests, stories, fights, and mysteries to unlock.?



The start of book 4, slave route.
Welcome the white Lotus into your home.
Meet your new family, Pema, Jinora, Ikki and Meelo.
Pick up korra from the Police headquarters.
Masturbate in front of Lin and cum on her face or in her mouth (2 versions)
Get a handjob from Pema.
Stop spinners minigame.
Stack coins minigame
Take your new family swimming.
Get reaquainted with a shady person.
Watch as Korra is training those thick thighs
Watch as Korra washes herself.
Catch Korra while she’s masturbating(2 versions)
Slap some sense in Korra’s face, play with her hair, kneed her tits!
Slap Korra’s tits! Pull her nipples.
Make Korra meditate in her swimsuit.
minigame probending.
meet Asami

Developer: Mity
Platform: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Version: 0.8.1f
Censored: No
Size: 750 mb

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