WTM Academy Version 0.22a


WTM Academy

This game is a mutation of Examination Day that became standalone, I recommand playing it if you want to see from where it all started.


WTM Academy v0.22a
More photoshoots ! QoL improvements and sponsor explanation + tons of bug fixes

– Added : 13 Photoshoots
– Added : 2 girls
– Added : 1 special event
– Added : 2 sponsors
– Added : Multiple events related to sponsors
– Added : eventManager class to handle and queue rdm/planned/modded global game events (see HOW_TO_MOD.txt)
– Added : Winterization of the game


Developer: Ninoss
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.22a
Language: English
Size: 675 mb

Download game:



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