Total Seduction 2 (Version 0.3)

Total Seduction 2

Total Seduction 2

Or TS2 is an open world adult game. At the start of the game, you take a job as an intern in a lab and you end up field testing an experimental device called Chemical Augmentation Device (or CHAD). This sub-dermal implant can produce a wide array of various chemicals, hormones, pheromones and drugs to enhance your abilities. CHAD has it’s own AI and it learns as time progress. Thus it can manufacture more complex chemicals as it improves itself, eventually granting you near supernatural abilities.
TS2 is an open world real time 3D game and a successor to Total Seduction 1. You control main character from isometric view with free camera rotation and zoom. All scenes are animated and controllable. The game has a main quest, but it is not time sensitive, so you are free to explore large in-game world, full of interesting characters and stories.?



Taylor’s seduction quest completed. You can now reach full progress with Taylor and unlock all scenes (21 scenes added for Taylor). You can find job for Taylor as a maid in a hotel. In the future, there may be more jobs available to choose from.
First part of Lila’s seduction quest added. Lila has a unique stat “Mood” and you have to keep it high to progress with her quest.
A minor character added – receptionist Kayla at the hotel. She has a short seduction quest and you can rent a room at the hotel from her. You will need the room rented for Taylor’s quest as well as some quests for random generated NPCs. You can also bring hookers into the room.
Play style optimized and grind reduced in the game. You now loose less energy during day and scenes cost less energy as well. Player gains new levels faster.
Various bug fixes and optimizations. For example, animations now have better interpolations between positions, especially during conversations.


Developer: Mike Velesk
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.3
Language: English
Size: 548 mb

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