To the Fullest Rebuild v0.03


To the Fullest

In this game you’ll take the role of a husband and father of a 1 year old. Your relationship is currently terrible and this started when the kid came along.
Since you both are very busy with your careers you decided, after a lot of pushing from your side, to hire a nanny, a quite cute one in fact.


Rebuild version v0.03:
– Added something in the park
– Main storyline continued which includes a new scene.
(hint: keep on trying with Noelle)
– Added Life Goals Journal: this contains hints to progress in side events and stories. At this moment, only Sarah has these since the main / Noelle events trigger automatically.
– Text fixes
– Balancing fixes
– Video, images and text should now adjust size as per your screen size (within reason and limits)
– Max stats that do not have a 100 as max show as Max instead of a number
– Fitness / Energy link made clearer
– Fixed sleepill issues
– Removed Noelles sleepingpil option
– Sarahs sleepingpil now only works once
– Removed Darkness, might come back later, but it has no function for now
– Removed Faithfulness as it has no function in the Rebuild, I left it in the game still in the background in case I want it back later, but you don’t need it to start events. So it doesn’t do anything anymore.
– Noelle MIA and double Sarah fix
– Double Noelle and Sarah MIA fix
– Extended the cheat menu
– Added events in the cheat menu
– The gym will take your money now
– Small fix in the Sarah bathroom scene
– Added current location
– Added a fast travel menu (for patrons)
– Skip day cheat menu fix
– Side bar image can now be hidden
– Improved salary for work
– Also implemented a royalties system, now every time you get paid for work, you gain a royalties level. Every royalties level you go up you get an certain amount of money per day without you needing to work for it, with a maximum of $25 a day. The money will be added once you go to sleep.
– Fixed the Noelle entering guestroom bug at certain relationship levels.


Developer: Royarus
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.03
Censored: No
Size: 1270 mb

Download game: