The Flash Version 0.04

The Flash

Welcome to the Neonpunk city of The Flash. Here there are no second chances but every person is allowed to redeem themselves. You just might be the one offered redemption if you’re committed enough to your progress and to the women you meet. Good luck!

The Flash

– Introduced a save fix, you are now able to use your old saves and continue to play the game where you left off in the previous update
– new Job added with insane amount of scenes
– small continuation to the story
– FIRST Community Request: Added teasing for Abby (more coming)
– New scenes for Emily (date option unlocked)
– Removed the hated progression system
– Added library, you can now study in the library (random events)
– Added more life to the house (snacking, coffee and showers added for more energy)
– new achievement

Developer: jaquine
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.04
Language: English
Size: 858 mb

Download game: