Tasty Curse Version 1.43


Tasty Curse

Nikita lives in a world full of injustice and discord. What if he had the chance to be someone else, to look at everything from the outside? Would he change the world around him? Or would it be easier to accept everything and change himself?


+150 gold – APQLFHTYDJ
+3 lvl1 pills – MFFDJSFKAO
+3 lvl2 pills – ZPSJFHALDJ
+1 corruption – BDHFOLGJFL
-1 corruption – BSOEJDLGJD
+1 Jimmy experiments count – QZNALFPTHR
skip day (wake up in dorm) – HSSYQTSGDL



Fixed some bugs (mainly with the display of some texts and pictures and “teleportation” after some events);
Changed video and pictures display ratios;
If you play as Carol and have a high parameter of corruption, there will be new scenes in the cafe;
New Jimmy relationship lvl;
More morning reactions after waking up;
Now you can invite Carol home during cockroach extermination (various new events at home with Carol!)
The appearance of a new character! (so far only an event);
The event with Stepfan after the appearance of a new character (so far only an event);
Many new city, uni, cafe and supermarket gifs will appear after the new events with Stepfan;
Cheat menu! Yay!


Developer: FavoriteCat
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Tasty Curse Version: 1.43
Language: English
File size: 903 mb

Download game:



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