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About It

The main idea of the game is to find relationships with the generated NPC’s and have fun in the open world sandbox. Particular attention is paid to non-linearity of the passage and to reducing the number of repetitive events. The core of the game consists of the virtual world (at this stage it is limited to one city), which allows you to move up the social ladder in any direction. There are also many mechanics developed that allow you to establish relationships, develop them and have fun. The basis for this was the SimGirl game, the development of which unfortunately stopped in 2016. Innovations are constantly being added to the game, and players can take part in its development and realize their ideas. The game was recently translated into English in order to attract a wider audience and support.?

Changelog About It:
– Continued to work on finding and fixing bugs
– Continued to work on improving the translation of locations.
– Fixed a bug with the rent payment.
– Fixed bug with infinite syringe when MC uses drugs.
– Fixed a bug with finding a job directly in the office building when the MC walks in there from the street.
– When editing the sexual experience at the start of the game, it is no longer limited to the number of partners, as in reality, even with one partner, any type of sexual interaction can happen many times.
– Fixed a bug where the MC had to use lubricant during sex twice in a row.
– MC will no longer be limited by the number in relationships with NPCs. Now, instead of 3 NPCs, she will be able to have relationships with 15 male NPCs at once.
– To avoid confusion, we made it possible to change the display of NPC in statistics and phone book at will. In addition, in the statistics, you can change the name of the NPC of your choice.
– In the communication shop, you can now buy a poverbank, which will allow the MC not to watch the charging cell phone.
– Removed restrictions for MC to use tampons during periods.
– Fixed the cell phone location code and improved translation.
– Redid the communication with the photo studio over the phone if the MC is working as a photo model.
– Made it possible for pimp to call MC and see why she’s not coming to work if MC is working as a street hooker. Also added the ability for the MC to warn the pimp that she’s not coming to work that day.
– Made completely new game mechanics of initializing calls from male boyfriends.
– Fixed the location of the photo studio near the Station.
– Fixed a bug when cooking in the apartment.
– Reduced the annoyance of housemates who visited the MC several times a day.
– Reworked the start of dates with NPCs.
– Fixed bugs that were revealed after expanding male NPC boyfriends from 3 to 15 individuals.
– Fixed the cell phone location and improved its translation.
– Added 15 MC girlfriends to the game instead of the current 3.
– Added warning when MC leaves apartment without clothes.
– Added equipment and a more experienced specialist to the town clinic to detect and treat venereal diseases.
– In the statistics of the character you can find out detailed information about each friend. Change her name to something you like. Leave your notes, which will help you to develop a relationship with her. And also in the statistics and phone, you can rename the display of the girlfriend to your liking.
– Made a gradual reduction in the relationship with friends if the MC does not communicate with them.
– Made it more likely for MC to call friends.
– Increased photo studio hours to 20.00.
– Reworked the game mechanics of the strip club.
– Made a generalized location for NPCs who are on a date with the MC, where both male and female NPCs are displayed.
– Now you can change the name of the NPCs the MC has just met by choosing the one you like best.
– Fixed MC’s neighborhood reputation if she has no permanent status and is rarely in the area.
– Fixed a bug with calls that kept repeating several times a day when the MC missed photo shoots while modeling at the Photo Studio.
– Fixed the bug with the clothes the MC was given to the police if she got there naked. These clothes are now removed when you open a closet or bag of clothes that belong to the MC.
– Fixed a bug with boutiques that occurred when the MC got there dirty or with stains on her clothes.
– Reworked the in-game dating mechanics, taking into account that a date can now be attended by both male and female NPCs and their number has increased significantly.
– Fixed bug with endless reading books and magazines.
– Fixed bug with endless tampon use when MC is on her period.
– Fixed the bug with the constant harassment of the gypsies on the streets and removed them from the central areas of the city.
– Changed the mechanics of the street prostitutes in the game.
– Changed the in-game mechanics of prostitution at a truck stop.
– Fixed a bug with buying and displaying outfits with jeans.
– Fixed the location of the beach. Now MC, at night, can not sunbathe and use the water rides.
– In the West area of the city added public ground transport, which was missed when upgrading the location.
– Call the photo studio and find out about the work, you can now from 9 to 19 hours.
– Fixed the bug with the MC dehydration, the value of which could go into minus.
– Fixed bug with MC intoxication which was too slowing down the effect of alcohol.
– Fixed passersby’s reaction to the MC’s appearance.
– Made new mechanics of counting and restoring potency for female and male NPCs who interact with MCs.
– Made a new mechanic to count the change in relationship level for male and female NPCs who interact with the MC on a date.
– Made it possible for the MC to contact any of the NPCs who are present on the date and have a dialog with them that affects the relationship between the MC and a particular male or female NPC. This is still working in test mode.
– Added the ability to use perfume and jewelry to the mirror menu.
– MC can no longer leave her apartment, move out, or go to bed if she has an NPC visiting.
– Vocal lessons in the culture house now last 1 hour, as stated in the description.
– Fixed bug when MC tries to get a part-time job handing out flyers on the street.
– Now when the MC interacts with invited NPCs at her house, she will no longer miss guests coming over.
– Made new game mechanics that allow the NPCs present on the date to interact with the MC at will.
– Made it possible for the MC to ignore the NPCs present on the date and communicate at will only with certain of them.
– Corrected the visualization of the main locations intended for dating NPCs, bringing them into line with the new dating game mechanics.
– To avoid duplicating NPCs, made a new mechanic for activating NPCs on dates.
– Made interactions with NPCs on the beach according to time slots.
– Fixed the action when female NPCs noticed the MC was on her period during the transition to sex.
– Reworked the code for NPC dating locations, according to the new dating game mechanics.
– Increased the relationship drop points with the boss when the MC works in the office and refuses to comply with his requests for business meetings.
– Increased the likelihood for an MC to be mugged or raped at night in disadvantaged areas of the city and forest area. Reworked the game mechanics of these events.
– Fixed the cost of the apartment in the Western area of the city, the cost of which was overstated by one 0.
– Fixed the display of the amount of money when the MC renews her lease and she is short on cash and has to add money from the stash in the closet and bank card.
– Fixed a bug in the cab, when, after the offer to pay in kind from one of the drivers, all the other drivers, on subsequent trips, also wished to do so.
– In the navigation, to quickly move around the apartment MC, added a bathroom (taking into account that it can be occupied by other NPCs)
– Made invitations to the dance MC male NPCs who are in the company when the date with them is in a restaurant, cafe or nightclub. It is also possible to get an invitation to the dance from an NPC when he is the only one.
– Dimensional items such as an LCD TV, washing machine or dishwasher can only be purchased by an MC when he has his own apartment.

Developer: about_it
Platform: Windows
Language: English
About It Version: 0.92.5 Public
Censored: No
Size: 2300 mb