Street Fighter X Remake 2 (Chapters 6.1)


Street Fighter X Remake 2

Have fun with the characters you much love from the Street Fighter series in a vast set of challenges that will put your abilities to the test.
Continue with the story from the previous game as you try to free yourself from the horny fighters? will you succumb upon their lustful practices… or will
you fight through in order to obtain absolute dominance?


– chapter 6.1
– Fixed major glitch that would give an error after the battle with Juri was over – error code –
– Dialogue corrections for over 300 lines
– Bug fixes

Chapter 6
– Added new battle scene vs Juri
– Added H-scene w/ Juri
– Added new interactive mission including a points system
– Added new close-up images of Juri + new costume
– Added points system for different missions in the game
– Added new H-scene w/ Rose
– Added new buttons to call back certain H-scenes
– Added hidden scene w/ Rose (if you make the correct choices)
– Modified Main-Menu labels
– Changed images for some of the characters during dialogue scenes (Rose, Falke, Menat)


Developer: SFManiac
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Street Fighter X Remake 2 Version: Chapters 6.1
Language: English
File size: 186 mb

Download game:


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