Something to Write About The Author Ch. 5 Beta


You’re a young bestselling author easing your way into life after a long public disappearance, struggling from trauma you find yourself unable to write anymore. With publishers and executives breathing down your neck you’ve taken a teaching job in LA hoping to find inspiration, but the weeks have flown by and still nothing has come to you. Then one night everything starts to change, and you find your life converging with the lives of 6 beautiful women, each with their own hopes and problems. Will any of this turn out well? Frankly that’s up to you.?

Apx. 1000 new renders
4 scenes of ill repute
Important! As of Ch5 you should only need 2-3 saves to access all content. You need a save from the Lyndie/Aoife yacht side, the Chris/ Kim yacht side and Beatrix can be accessed from either if you have the points. At the start of CH5 there’s a choice that will allow you to choose who you went home with provided you already had the points for it/ were on the correct side, this is to facilitate ease of replays.
Additional note this part has our first hard lock. If you don’t have the points and/or refuse her at the end of the Ch you will be friend zoned by Beatrix. So be sure you have a file for her if you want it.

Developer: STWAdev
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: Ch. 5 Beta
Censored: No
Size: 1200 mb

Download game:


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