Assassin’s Haven Version 0.1.1


Assassin's Haven

The game is based on a modern world where there are only two types of people, you’re either a Normie or an Assassin. Assassin’s world is not much different from Normie’s one, it’s still corrupted by hidden agendas, money, and power.
Our protagonist was a normie but after a tragic night, he was forced into Assassin’s world to find out the truth about that night and his family.

– Fixed a rare bug where you get stuck in a loop.
– Changed Maya’s model. (replaced 79 renders)
– Changed room navigation when you skip time. (you won’t teleport to the MC room after skipping time)
– Changed the training loop. (you don’t have to speak to Violet and Jett every time)
– Optimized animations to work on low specs.
– v0.1 saves won’t work with future releases(0.2 and beyond), you have to start a new game with v0.1.1. (one-time thing)
– Corrected typos

Developer: Six Fingers
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Assassin’s Haven Version: 0.1.1
Censored: No
Size: 378 mb

Download game:


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