No More Money Ep.3 v0.3.1


No More Money

Everything started when my dad lost his company and everybody is forced to move in a different city. Here we have to start from zero in a small apartment with only two bedrooms, so “unfortunately” you’ll have to share a room with your younger sister.
Since you’re already 20 years old, it’s time for you to help the family however you can, so you’ll be searching for a job.

Beside the new content I also added a few new features to the game to make it nicer.

There is a gallery with hot images of the girls based on your choices.
For those who will play on older saves, as soon as you start episode 3 you’ll unlock all the images of the previous two episodes.
I have added a progress bar below so you can see how much content is left.
You can disable this bar in the options tab
Changed the way our MC gets his messages on the phone. I created a custom screen where you can read the text better and access the images you receive.
The +20$ patrons will the Gold Edition version of the game with the walkthrough integrated already.
If you want to play the game without seeing the consequences of your choices you can disable them in the option tab
Fixed some small bugs and changed the text here and there.

Developer: RoyalCandy
Platform: Windows
Language: English
No More Money Version: Ep.3 v0.3.1
Censored: No
Size: 1060 mb

Download game: