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It’s a trainer game as well where you play as a teenager who lives with his step-mom and sister/step-sister and just moved to a new town after your father passes away. One day on your way to school, you hear your father and find these glasses that make people more influenced by your suggestions and you can use it to slowly corrupt the women around you. There are Cheats as well. The developer made it where you can increase the girls obedience/affection levels by left clicking on the stat you wish to add more too on the stat page for each girl individually.?
Added pagination in Gallery
Added good endings for Aiko, Rin, Ayumi, Okimi, Sarah and Ryoko
Bad endings renamed to Slave Endings to remove confusion
Good endings have been renamed Lover Endings to remove confusion
New Sex options
Eimi & Yae Level 1
Special Pact scene for the twins
Marilyn (Town Hall secretary) Level 1
New H-events for Sarah about her secret past
New H-event for Hanae and vaginal sex
Town expansion
Added Eimi and Yae apartment in Northside Station
Added Marilyn Apartment in Westside Street D
Bug Corrections
Added Missing Utako and Hanae in the virgin spell corruption options
Solved bug where some follow up events wouldn’t trigger
Corrected missing image during Yatsume bj bath and toilet options
Fixed incorrect image during Easter event while choosing Okimi’s anal scene with Kana
Added missing translations in Gallery mode.

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 3510 MB



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