Come Home Ch. 4


Come Home

Come Home: When your father goes missing, you return home to help find him, while also negotiating relationships with the many other people in your life.

– Added 5 conversations with Jamie.
– You can now have conversations with Jamie on the phone any time she’s at home, including the Night just before you sleep.
– You can now have a conversation with Jamie before watching TV with her.
– Added 5 conversations with Suzy.
– You can now have a conversation with Suzy while eating breakfast with her.
– Added 5 conversations with Lisa.
– You can now have a conversation with Lisa while eating breakfast or dinner with her, or while watching television with her.
– Added 5 conversations with Dana.
– You can now have a conversation with Dana before working on normal work days.
– Added 3 conversations with Mrs. Mills
– You can now have a conversation with Mrs. Mills before working on normal work days.
– Added colors for character names.
– Changed Kevin’s name to just appear as Cell Phone Employee, since the MC does not know his name.
– Added the Stats screen, where you can see your stats and test scores.
– Changed the date system to where it will display the month and date instead of just the day.
– Changed Ms. Welch’s character model to add piercings and tattoos.
– Added the option to buy formal wear from the internet on your laptop at home.
– Added the option to wear your formal clothes on dates.
– Removed several unused images from the game files.
– Changed the bg image for the supermarket. (Bye-bye Gregg’s)
– Suzy is now working at Java Lava on weekend mornings and afternoons. You can now buy a drink from her or chat with her there.
– Changed the animations and some images for the shower dream sequence after you mow the lawn.
– Added the second page of the affection menu.
– Added the monthly cellphone bill that is withdrawn from your account at the beginning of every month.
– Changed the title screen.
– Added a credit screen.
– Changed Brandi’s photo in Jackson Burger to display the new model.
– You can now go out with Mari again after the first date.
– Added the option to call Mari and cancel a date. (This is mainly so that people who hit a bug where their date didn’t activate don’t have to start completely over. Just call and cancel, then ask her out again. Should work this time.)
– Moved the End of Chapter 4 up one week to Day 31

– Fixed a problem where the wrong background was appearing with Izzy’s gang at the park.
– Fixed a problem where Juliana’s old model appeared when English quiz was returned.
– Fixed a problem where the Lisa2 scene looped forever.
– Fixed a problem where talking on the phone in the morning would allow you to skip school.
– Fixed a problem where the video was flickering between clips in the Kendra4 scene.
– Fixed Jamie’s progression.
– Fixed a problem where Mari’s date didn’t happen if you asked her out on a Saturday.

– Acknowledge the Police Tape on the basement when walking in.
– Acknowledge the lack of a guard rail on second floor.
– Change the first TV scene with Jamie a bit to remove the talk about school and show Jamie is uncomfortable.
– Fixed the date mentioned in the first English test.
– Explain why MC doesn’t have a phone.
– Fixed description of Dana.
– Fixed description of Mrs. McGee.
– Multiple tense, capitalization, typo fixes
– Added a bit to the scene where Suzy explains why she’s upset at the MC.
– Removed the movie theater being mentioned in Suzy’s town tour.
– Removed the police station from Suzy’s town tour.

Developer: R.J. Rhodes
Platform: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Come Home Version: 2.04.5
Censored: No
Size: 566 mb

Download game:


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