Lustworth Academy Version 0.27 …


Lustworth Academy

The story tells about Jimmy Napkins, a young outcast. Take control of Jimmy in this graphic adventure full of sex, bad jokes and wacky stories. Resist bullies, play practical jokes, win or lose girls and, ultimately, learn to overcome obstacles, Lastworth Academy, while avoiding being sent to prison forever.


-Added Halloween costumes items for sale in Fiona’s kiosk.
-Added Halloween event intro.
-Added new Fighting minigame! (Gym class)
-Added new diary/planner layout with stats.
-Fixed class minigames gameplay mechanics.
-Fixed some character dialog bugs.
-Fixed Prologue plot structure.
-Fixed Chapter 1 free roam structure.
-Improvement of core gameplay features.


Developer: ImpactXPlay
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Lustworth Academy Version: 0.27
Language: English
File size: 702 mb

Download game:


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