Frihetjord – Version 0.1.2




Go through intrigue, battle and sex to build a settlement that has become your new home.?

-Added a small continuation of the main storyline
-Added a story quest Dzhorann
-Added the ability to sell meat to Looha in the tavern
-Added an event with sacred stones in the forest
-Added the ability to buy a more powerful ax from Anek (If you are using the old save, then activate the script in the cheat menu)
-Added the ability to build a hunter’s hut and a well
-Added in advance the ability to improve the quarry (Will be available after improving the lumberjack’s house)
-Slightly changed the system of teaching sex skills. Now, before continuing with your studies, you need to pay a small amount
-Added another tutorial from Annichen
-Amanda’s bandage price halved
-Added information on the number of remaining construction days in the construction acceleration menu
-Other minor changes
Sex scenes:
-Anal sex scene with Annichen
-Dzhorann horsecock sucking scene

Developer: SPodvohom Games
Platform: Windows
Language: English, Russian
Frihetjord Version: 0.1.2
Censored: No
Size: 550 mb

Download game: