Frihetjord – Version 0.1.3




Go through intrigue, battle and sex to build a settlement that has become your new home.?

Added a few unimportant pictures.
Added one more training from Annichen, one more from Margot and three from Vivi
Some prices have been changed
In the barracks of Krushitsa, you can learn a new technique (you need a character level 5 and 100 gold; Activate the script in the cheats if you are using the old save)
Fighting technique can be used so far only on a savage from the forest (the chance of either victory (20%) or defeat, the chance of victory increases with increasing character level)
Added the beginning of the quest to find tools to improve the lumberjack’s house
Added Logmer’s shop
Added a system for checking sex skills during sex scenes for all actual sex scenes
Added the ability to pick up some wood from Sylfest once a day, the amount of wood received will depend on the leveling of the lumberjack’s house (Activate the script in the cheats if you are using the old save)
Several minor bug fixes and changes

Sex scenes:
Anal scene with Annichen
Scene sucking a big dildo at Margot
Vivi’s handjob and anal sex scenes

Developer: SPodvohom Games
Platform: Windows
Language: English, Russian
Version: 0.1.3
Censored: No
Size: 571 mb