Lust for Life Version 0.6.0


Lust for Life

The game tells the erotic adventures of a guy in his final year of high school. His life, so far lacking in sexual experiences, will undergo a big change.

The game is an open-world populated by women and girls who are just waiting for you. You will find girls looking for a more romantic relationship or nymphomaniacs ready to have sex at the first opportunity. Each character you meet will have its own specific personality and dozens of scenes to unlock.

From this version, thanks to the support of some users, the revision of the whole English localization of the game has started. The content is so much so that it will take a few months before the entire game has been reviewed. Every month I will indicate in the changelog the revised part of the game. In the Credits in the Smartphone you can see the names of those who are participating in the localization. Anyone who wants to contribute to this work in order to speed up the localization process can contact me on Discord. Those who will actively participate in this localization work will be rewarded with free and early access to the subscriber version of the game.
Localized scenes in this version:



Added 3 buttons in the left menu to let time pass in any place (10 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes)
Added a toolbar with 3 buttons inside each video (Low, High, Reload).
Low: all videos will be loaded in low quality by default (Recommended for those who have a slow internet connection).
High: all videos will be loaded in high quality by default (Recommended for those with a fast internet connection).
Reload: the current video will be reloaded (To be used when a video is not loading).
You can also change the quality of the videos from the game settings. By default videos are loaded in high quality. If you have a slow connection, I recommend setting the video quality to Low.


Mrs. Addams: New Quest and Scenes. Continue her quest and unlock new sexual interactions with her. New sex scenes at school and at her house.
Milena: New Quest and Scenes. Continue her quest and unlock new sexual interactions with her. New sex scenes at her house.

Developer: MartinDrake
Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English, Italian
Lust for Life Version: 0.6.0
Censored: No
Size: 1320 mb

Download game:


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