Forsaken Throne Version 0.11

Forsaken Throne

What would you do if you woke up to find the Seven Deadly sins all inhabiting your body? Use them to have fun? Gain power? Influence?
In Forsaken Throne, you follow the story of a young man who finds himself in this very situation, and through that, the world that was so carefully hidden underneath reality is exposed. Find a way to survive, and come out with more power at the end of it!​

Added a side mission, and “Side Missions” option to walkthrough.
Also added the brand new replay system! If you go to the MC’s room, you will be able to access all previous scenes. Please let me know if you find a bug!

4 new passages: 2 Scenes, 2 Narrative
Scene with misc girls ~1500 words
Scene with Kelsey ~2050 words
Narrative ~1750 words

Developer: SmallTownGames
Platform: All:
Censored: No
Version: 0.11
Language: English
Size: 421 mb

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