Elixir of Life Version 0.5


Elixir of Life

You wake up from a coma after a car accident, the doctor informs you that your special juice is very precious. Life at home is about to become very different.?


– Reduced transparency of the top bar for readability
– Added character stat display to the notebook
– Reduced disk size of some images
– Fixed text display
– Fixed patron code form display
– Reduced hygiene stat degradation when sleeping
– Fixed hygiene being reduced right after taking a shower
– Fixed screen scroll when peeping
– Added message when going to sleep from exhausting available time
– Fixed top bar stats updating
– Fixed sex progress not being taken into account if you change position before finishing
– Bottle fill amount will be less if you don’t warn the girl
– New fap minigame
– New feature: timed choices, choose an answer in the allocated time (sometimes not answering is a valid option
– Fixed the character top bar stats not appearing sometimes
– Fixed patron god mode stats
– Added warnings for high lust and low hygiene on the main screen
– Replaced a lot of the images/clips
– New homework minigame
– Completely redid Cassy’s homework reward scenes, now with procedurally generated content
– New stealth minigame
– Revamped Cassy milking scene, now with procedurally generated content
– Tweaked Cassy’s morning kitchen interactions
– Removed back button (not compatible with the game format)
– Fixed an issue where clicking buttons repeatedly would select the text
– Redid most repeatable scenes with more clips, procedurally generated content, timed choices…
– You can now check out Cassy when she’s doing yoga


Developer: Tukann
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.5
Language: English
File size: 602 mb

Download game Elixir of Life:



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