Elixir of Life Version 0.8


Elixir of Life

You wake up from a coma after a car accident, the doctor informs you that your special juice is very precious. Life at home is about to become very different.?


– Fully revamped notebook
– New Cassy scenes
– New Pam scenes
– New maid scenes
– New ???? scenes
– Upgraded UI
– Replaced time of the day icons in the top bar with more readable ones
– Stylized save menu UI
– Rewritten intro, now divided into separate shorter events
– Rewritten nurse intro
– Rewritten Cassy intro
– Rewritten some scenes
– Replaced some clips
– Completely rebuilt the timing minigame (I hope it fixes the issue some people seemed to have on iPhones)
– Improved fap minigame, now faster
– Made Pam shower quest progression faster
– Moved name/relation change options to the notebook
– Added fail safe to prevent memory leaks on some browsers
– Added warning message on browsers that don’t support the webp image format
– Typo fixes
– Bug fixes


Developer: Tukann
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.8
Language: English
File size: 995 mb

Download game:



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