Drive Story (Demo v0.313b)


Drive Story

If you told our hero that he was going to have phone sex with the woman of his dreams the day he met her, he’d probably think you were crazy.
If you told him that he would fall in love with her before he met her… he’d just laugh at you.
If you told him that he would sleep with more than 20 women in the three weeks between his first conversation with her and actually meeting her – all with her blessing – well, then he might be speechless and then just laugh at you and call you crazy.
I think that’s why we don’t know about the incredible things that will happen to us before they actually happen. They just seem impossible before they become a reality.


– Added a sex scene in the shower with 5 animations


Developer: Erotic Blossom
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: Demo v0.313b
Language: English/Russian
File size: 134 mb

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