Council of Lies Version 0.1.1


Council of Lies

Council of Lies is an adult adventure game set in a fantasy realm. It is being developed in Rpg Maker MV. The game is intended to feature (possibly) four story routes. You will take control of Marie as she goes on her adventure to uncover the truth behind her fathers death. Can you maintain her maidenhood??

Eight new scenes.
• One scene is urination content, and may be turned off from the menu.
• At least one scene is fairly long, so buckle up.
Added a few NPC busts
• Despite getting a bust, the princess has nothing to do. Yet.
Revamped the way Marie’s busts are drawn
• This was to save on file size in both the current and future version. Roughly a 300mb decrease. And png compression has yet to be explored.
Ninja’d in some stat gains on scenes
• I don’t recommend replaying for these as of yet. They don’t do anything right now.
Probably some things I’ve forgotten.

Known issues:
Event balloons were disabled in the castle due to being poorly designed previously.
• The event balloons weren’t future proof and need to be redone. This has already begun.

Developer: Fleeting Hearts
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.1.1
Censored: No
Size: 668 mb

Download game: