Corrupt Life Version 0.94 (kinkzgames)


Corrupt Life

Welcome to Corrupt Life you and your girlfriend moved back into the suburbs shortly after your dad passed away to help support your family.


v0.9.4 Patch Notes
-Added New level 80 sis scenes for each room (10 rep scenes) (12 random)
-Added Sleeping, new “check on” scenes
-Changed action points from 10 to 6 ,This will make you sleep more often which will help with not missing as many sleeping scenes.
-Added “Washing hands” img for empty bathroom
-Added stock picture for when the kitchen is empty
-Redone scene for sis bedroom level, -21 to -30 added 7 new imgs
-Redone scene for sis bedroom level, -11 to -21 added 7 new imgs
-Changed 3 scenes random on sis kitchen scenes for, 0 to -20 & -20 to -40 and ?
-Changed 1 scene for landlord basement
-Centered and stretched sis bedroom random scene, -21 to -30
-Replaced 1 random events for sis hallway, 0 to -20
-Replaced 3 random events for gf bedroom, (0 to -20 and added dialog), -21 to -40 , (-51 to -60 fixed broken webp and added extra webp)
-Replaced 1 events gif for gf bedroom, 0 to -10
-Replaced 2 event gifs for sis bedroom, 0 to -10 with higher rez copies
-Replaced 1 random events for gf kitchen, -21 to -40
-Replaced 1 random events for landlord kitchen, -61 to -80
-Replaced gif for landlord bedroom, 0 to -10
-Replaced 2 gifs for sis bathroom, -51 to -60, -61 to -70
-Changed last 3 leveling of gf kitchen to level up every 10 levels adding new extra ntr blowjob random event for -61 to -70


Developer: Kinkzgames
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.94
Language: English
File size: 6600 mb

Download game:


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