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Become Alpha

Become Alpha

Harry Panuchkin is a cliche kid from the suburbs – skinnier than the lamppost, whiter than bleached asshole, and a mouth full of gangsta rap trivia.
You can say he’s a moron with boring life, but just so happens that he’s on a verge of a great adventure.

1. New beta traits for player.
So the way the game was built, to become an Alpha you need to have balanced level of dom and love. If you go full dom or full love, you will become Cult Leader or Messiah, but you will not ascend to an Alpha. This basically meant that players need to stay more or less balanced throughout the entire game, which as a result meant – staying Beta almost until the end.
Now this is fixed!
Well, kind of. You’re still beta for the most part… but it’s way cooler! Check out the new traits:

Beta Prospect
Beta Male
Beta Prime
Beta Rex

You start the game as a Wuss, but as you ascend on the social ladder, you gain new beta skills, and finally, you’re Beta Rex, one step away from the Alpha.
This is how it looks in-game:

2. Higher requirement to become an alpha.
Until now, to become an alpha you needed 20 levels (dom + love). From now on it’s going to be 30 levels. Which means you’d be beta for longer… Sorry dudes, but becoming alpha needs to be hard. Hopefully, with new beta traits (Legendary Beta Rex FTW!) you’d still find it cool to follow the alpha path!:)
3. Effects in the sidebar.
One of the players suggested the idea to add effects also in the sidebar, so I did exactly that. This is how it looks:

This change might potentially impact the game performance, so let me know if you notice game working slow or something.
4. Exams for the masses.
Exams are no longer Early Access. Have fun!
5. Masturbation in the college toilets evolved.
So basically you will be able now to masturbate with the same features (choosing genre and toy) in toilets (in College and Market Center)!
6. UI changes to the player stats screen.
I’ve noticed that the level up mechanic is unclear and people are unsure why after going full love, it’s so hard to lvl up in dom (and the other way around). Basically – it doesn’t matter if you lvl up in dom or love, the price each time goes up in both. So basically if you go full love, it will be hard to go back, because the lvl ups will be very expensive.
Anyway, I’ve added info about the cost of next level up to the player screen to make things more clear. I’ve also moved some stuff around. This is how it looks:

Minor changes
7. 3 stars give 100% hint chance in College
Basically, so far having 3 stars in a particular class gave player 75% chance to get a hint about an answer during test. Now this chance is raised to 100%.
8. Info about being under influence
I’ve edited the information that appears on top of the screen about playing being under influence. It basically was connected to the visual effects. The thing is – those effects were not alway happening from drugs/alcohol, so I’ve changed the descriptions to be more general.

Other bug fixes
9. Another popup fix
So I’ve fucked up last time, and the popups on desktops were kinda broken. Now it should be fixed, the popups should be adaptable to the screen size.
10. Saves popup on title page fixed
There was an information about needing to finish current event first, which was unnecessary on title screen anyway.
11. Shitload of other stuff
Yes. Shitload.

Developer: Grave Mercutio
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Become Alpha Version: 0.3.23_full
Censored: No
Size: 2550 mb

Download game:


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