Aurelia v0.06.2



Aurelia it’s an adult game set in a fantastic medieval world full of beauty and wonder where you will take the role of a young man that, on a sudden twist of fate, has become entangled with a girl and a mystical amulet.
The game will be a high-quality visual novel, with skill-based minigames, RPG themes, datingSim mechanics, multiple character storylines to unfold and tons of gratuitous sex.
Set yourself for an adventure, my friend!

A new character (Scarlet), a new scene for Scarlet, and a new minigame
Hotfix .1: Fixed the lockpicking minigame bug and other minor issues, added more kings on the board
Hotfix .2: Fixed resolution issues on some devices, reworked the “name selection” room.

Added Scarlet’s voice
Scarlet’s portrait
Scarlet’s scene
Finished bedroom BG
Finished “Kings board” BG
New minigame BG
New minigame assets
1 new item icon


Coded Ivy, Lily, Janet and Scarlet dialogues and questlines.
Added Ivy garden dialogues


Inventory will show only the used/ocuppied item slots

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 50 MB

Download game:


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