The Promise v0.30b



You played as a man aged forty who has promised his family a lot. And now its the time to make the promise real. You must work hard and make much descisions for your life. And it will have influence on the others, too.
You have some hidden stats for trigger some situations and stats how your corruption or the corruption of your wife. You must raise the corruptions and the relationships with your family to get some events and more.
The game will have different endings for each character. On many things you have influence with what you do. Many things are possible. You can have a affair, cheating, or live in absolute love with your wife. You can make her more open for other things and more. But be careful with your descisions it is possible that it get out of your control.

Content (394 new images, 5 animations):
Added 95 % proofreaded dialogues (Thanks to SDevil)
Added the last step for the unique farm event
Added the first shopping tour with Lisa at Saturday between 12 and 14 o’clock at the clothes store
Added that you can now go to swim with Lisa at Sunday between 12 and 14 o’clock at the pool
Added a new location with first events: The Bar (You need a lot of Novos)
Added the second office event with your wife
Added that you can go at 10:00 to your wife in the sleeping room, if she goes to work
Added a new gift (chocolate for Nina)
Added some more stuff and replaced some pictures for Nina (cinema and pool)
Added some music and some sounds

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 1770 Mb

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