Zapple! Version 065 …



When Sebastien “Seb” Norcross investigates the disappearance of Lena Vega, he discovers a strange update to Zapple!, the hottest trending social media platform, that lets him match with Lena and sucks him into a strange Velour Room where he discovers his ability to wield strange powers and visit worlds formed from the inner consciousness and reality of the people he matches with.​

The completion of CH7! (Story Wise, I’m still working on building out some combat and exploration)
Some more art, especially in CH5!
Fixing typos and some minor edits
Started going through the art in CH1-5 and fixing some of the bad hands and other weird AI art stuff. CH 1-3 were done based on everything I saw. Please keep letting me know about these and I’ll keep trying to fix them. When you stare at the same images over and over you miss stuff!
Hopefully cleaned up the folder structure as well that many have complained about and I don’t know why/how it occurred repeatedly.

Developer: beetsdontkalemyvibe
Platform: All
Censored: No
Version: 065
Language: English
Size: 110 mb

Download game: