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XXXivilization is my attempt at making a NSFW game with more game depth than the usual visual novel type of games. It is a strategy game with RPG elements and uses mechanics from games like the Civilization or the Heroes of Might and Magic series.
You play the newly crowned ruler of an empire and have to expand your kingdom, train troops for combat, construct buildings, perform research and take care of the everyday matters of your people.
All releases will be public – they can be played on the site with the same name as the game and on various adult gaming sites.

XXXivilization Version 17.1
New features

The population of your kingdom is now a resource
You start with a population of 500 citizens, and it will grow slowly over time
Your population will pay taxes and provide you with a steady gold income depending on their numbers. At the same time, it will consume more and more food as it grows.
A percentage of your population is male, female or futas, and some are slaves. You can influence these numbers through laws
New laws were introduced regarding population growth and slavery
Your units no longer consume food but will cost weekly gold maintenance instead
Some buildings got changed to increase population growth instead of giving gold income. A new early game building got added: Trader

Building restrictions & outposts
To make the long term progression curve a bit more predictable and rewarding you can no longer build on any tiles in your kingdom, instead you can only build in a radius of 4 tiles in each direction around your capital
Additionally, when you conquer enemy capitals, they are converted to Outposts
You can build in a small area around your outposts
Territories that you can build on now show a special icon on the map
You can extend your outposts to become more specialized and help you in a certain aspect
Available outpost specializations are:
Monastery outpost – increases Faith income
Military outpost – increases Supply limit
Trading outpost – increases Gold income
Production outpost – increases global Wood, Stone and Food income
Residential outpost – increases Population growth
A loading screen is now shown while the contents of the game are loaded into the browser
Existing buildings that are shown in the sidebar of a territory now have a tooltip displaying their income and a button to remove the building

An extension to the Abstinencia storyline has been added which takes place after you conquered them
Several new special events when Lorrin is your prison guard and certain other conditions are met, submitted by triforce-omega
Several new special events when Antiope is your follower, submitted by triforce-omega
Several new events when conquering Futamazon territory, submitted by triforce-omega
New event when conquering territory: Bridge troll, submitted by Jonas132
Two new slavery-related events, submitted by Jonas132

Added five images to various sex scenes (with Jolene, the Beauty, Allie, and Ashlyn)
The goblin tribeswoman encounter now has an image
Added image for the titjob scene of the Lusty as part of the Paradise story line
Added an image where one of your prostitutes in the brothels dresses as bimbo if your people prefer bimbos enough

Bug fixes
For several events the wrong images were shown, this happened particularly for Myrina’s events
There were inconsistencies on when New Game+ was possible, now it is available only after defeating all three factions
Fixed a number of small bugs in the pray menu
It could happen in some cases that events were never ended properly
After imprisoning Myrina payments to the Futamazons were not canceled
Some conquering events were happening earlier in the game than intended, leading to too tough encounters
The cheat version of the game contained some unnecessary files, causing it to be larger than needed (should reduce the download size by about 50mb)
In some cases, diplomacy with Futamazons and the Free People was not working
Getting licked during sex events could lead to an endless loop if the partner was reluctant to do so
Fixed several typos and grammatical errors in the tutorial

Slightly reduced the costs of growing very large body parts and increased the Faith income of religious buildings
Switched the order of buttons and existing buildings in the sidebar around
Added a new game(+) button to the top menu
The old new game+ button was overlaying the other buttons on low screen heights, this should not happen anymore
If there is not enough energy left to create units, do research or fight in the arena then those buttons indicate that now
Building a Sawmill now also requires Woodworking to be researched
Added a mechanism to prevent law combinations that would not make sense. E.g. preventing having all genders enslaved or having a gender being enslaved and upper class at the same time
If the player’s browser does not support storing save games, a warning is now shown
Slightly reduced the amount of happiness received from conquering new territory
Reduced the supply limit provided by the military academy from 3 to 2
Added the option to grow lips to the event where the Gods grant you a favor
Changed the map generation to contain less plains and more of the other territories

Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 17.1
Censored: No
Size: 88 mb

Download game:


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