World After War Version 0.43 Public (Windows, Android)


World After WarWorld After War

World After WarWorld After War

World After WarWorld After War

You play as Jack, a young nerd and a virgin, who wakes up on a military base inside a mountain, in a NRF (nuclear refugees facility) place for VIPs and government people,a great war that has wrecked the whole world, now you are the leader of the group, you and 5 other beautiful women,you need to keep that place in order, go out in the world in search of resources, keep the base with a good supply of water, food and electricity, improve your base to make your roommates happy, repair / build robots to collect resources, study and discover new improvements and technologies and survive in this apocalyptic world!

– 1 New option in the Bathroom with Mary.
– Visit Samantha when she is resting in the Living Room.
– Small Progress in the quest Natural Selection.

Developer: Crazy Forge Studio
Platform: Windows, Android
Language: English
Version: 0.43 Public
Censored: No
Size: 983 mb

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Android version:


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