Tales of Terrara (v0.1.8a HotFix)


Tales of Terrara

Tales of Terrara

Tales of Terrara takes place in a fantastic world inhabited by races like elves and orcs, ferocious monsters and ever-watching gods. A commoner with humble beginings, through a pact with a mysterious entity, acquires power they don’t quite understand and slowly become capable of unimaginable things. Will they keep their pure heart or succumb to the power and corruption? Will they use it to make the world a better place or for their own twisted desires? Why not both??

-New map: the hq of the criminal group (points of interest are big room at entrance, the tunnel at top left and Macy’s bedroom at the bottom right, more coming in the next releases)
-Some encounters inside, more will come next release
-You can go in magic blazing, sneakily throught the back or talking your way and pretending to be something else
-Two small scenes with the bandits
-Return of Wild Macy
-New scene with Macy if you play (and played) your cards right
-Some progress on the main quests
-Other small bug fixes and improvements

Developer: Thunder One
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.1.8a (Hotfix)
Censored: No
Size: 489 mb

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