Way of the Sorcerer Version 0.1.8


Way of the Sorcerer

In this game you take on the role of a young guy in a medieval world of magic. He was forced to make a deal with the demon of Vice by fate. He gave his soul for magical abilities. He never wanted anything like that and now wishes to take his soul back. What will he do? Will he challenge the demon or will he accept his fate and become an obedient servant of the dark forces? The choice is completely yours.?

– Added a new boss – Ancient Gorgon
– Added a new velalith – Naga (there Are 2 forms-human and scaly form)
– Added a new character – Algrim
– Added a new character – Felicia
– Added a new level – Gleaming Swamps
– Added a new level – Mount Rantor
– Added a new armor set: “Snake armor”
– Now the console is available without a password
– Quest “Search for the Demonologist” is now completable
– Added quest: “Stone curse”
– Added quest: “Cost of the soul”
– Added skill: “Magic Heal”
– Added skill: “Steel Skin Spell”
– Added skill: “Summoning Vindicators”
– Added item: “Mortem Anguis”
– Added item: “Potion of Saturation”
– Added a system of “punishment” for offenses
– Added 4 random events – 1 for each boss

– New h-scenes (13 in Total)

– 6 scenes with Nagas (3 for each form)
– 4 Scenes with Adella
– 3 scenes in the sex room (Female Minotaur + Naga, male Minotaur + Naga, Female Minotaur + Female Minotaur)


– Fixed a bug – A night event was launching after loading a save
– Fixed a bug – Lack of character customization in the sex room
– Fixed a bug – Spawn bosses in rooms for workers
– Fixed a bug – Characters do not have animations during training.
– Now after the bossfight with Gabriela, the door to the crypt will be opened and it is easier for the player to get armor from there
– Fixed a bug – LODs of Lilith textures was making textures very blurry and reduced their quality.
– Fixed a bug – after giving wine to Gabriel, it does not disappear from the inventory
– Fixed a bug – in some cases, the player could not use items from his inventory

Developer: Fennec Games
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Way of the Sorcerer Version: 0.1.8
Censored: No
Size: 6000 mb