Wartribe Academy Version 0.3.2


Wartribe Academy

You play the prince of a small tribe of warriors that has recently gained great renown. Your father uses that renown to marry you into an alliance consisting of 10 city states. Each city sends one of their noble daughters to be your bride, but they all have their own agenda! Meet up with them at your own Academy and get to know the various pretty nobles. But be careful, your father warns you that one of these families is responsible for your mother’s death!?

Content: Wartribe Academy
Maintaining saves – Work around
– Saves should port over from 0.2.3
– City Unlocked!
– Brothel Introduced
Note: * Events are events * Scenes are sexy events
– 3 Magna events
(1 Magna missable Scene)
Misc Characters
(2 missable scenes)
– 2 Events
(1 missable Scene)
(1 side quest scene)
– 1 Juna Event
(3 alternate scenes)
– 2 Cleo events
(1 Cleo missable scene)
Bug Fixes:
Fixed some typos
Fixed a never ending loop with Cleo’s scene
Fixed an image failing to show on Cleo’s scene
Added color coded hints
Added world map to “fast travel option”
Updated Patron shout outs!

Developer: Mr.Rooster
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 0.3.2
Censored: No
Size: 798 mb

Download game:


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