Warlock and Boobs Version 0.353


Warlock and BoobsWarlock and Boobs

Warlock and BoobsWarlock and Boobs

Warlock and BoobsWarlock and Boobs

Krowly always wanted to learn magic, hunt for monster girls, and most of all, get laid. Help guide Krowley in fulfilling his dreams!


What is new:

Samantha got some more dialogues and reactions. She can catch Krowly in his bedroom fapping (evening), when he is getting titfuck from Jill, or being fucked by Eric. A few sexy moments were added in the cooking event with her (depends on the relationship).

Samantha’s cooking task – when Krowly joins her cooking she can ask him to bring her a specific ingredient (she chooses it at random from a small poll). Player can already have it, or can go and quickly harvest if from the field or find it in the wilds. She will be waiting till the time of the day is changed. Giving her the requested item gives + to relationship and some EXP. Repeatable every morning.

Sister Elizabeth’s task – at Friday, Saturday or Sunday day time Sister Elizabeth has a special task for Krowly, if he already seen Jenna’s ridding Eric (needs to be seen in this new version). Repeatable once a week. Should be completed till the next Thursday night.

Training with Jaina – Jaina now trains every Wednesday and Saturday’s morning outside of the tavern. Krowly can join her to get a buff for a week, and possible buttfuck scene. Also, check out Jaina’s pixel animations ^_^

New scenes:

Samantha’s oral scene. Can be triggered randomly at the morning (33% chance, if Jill’s scene wasn’t triggered), or at evening via flirt menu, when she is at Krowly’s house
Jaina’s ridding Krowly’s dick. During the training with her at Wednesday and Saturday morning. Require 20 relationship point with her and 50 lust
Jills’ reverse titfuck. Wednesday and Friday morning in her bedroom, at the second floor of Krowly’s house. 20 relationship points and 50 lust are required
Joining Jenna when she is bathing. 15 relationship points required
Joining Alice when she is bathing + possible continuation. 15 relationship points required, and 50 required for the continuation.

New pictures:

Samantha’s oral scene. 6 variants total
Jaina’s ridding Krowly’s dick. 4 variants total
Jills’ reverse titfuck. 2 variants
Jenna’s bathing variant with sperm
Alice’s buttfuck variants for the bathing scene.

Updated pictures:

Alice’s buttfuck (improved pussy, updated sperm)

Small things:

When starting new game Krowly now can get starting resources to help the new player. Seeds from the field, a couple of potions from the alchemy table and some food from the kitchen. Also Krowly starts with small amount of money.


Text fixes by Anonymous.
The bug with endless supply of Eric’s swords.
“Yes” and “No” a switched when you are choosing to enable or disable “commitment mode” to prevent it from accidentally being enabled when player rushes through the introduction.
Gardening bug when you get a lot more ingredients for sale then you ever need.
Astra’s titfuck scene got the missing pixel animation
The magic shield now works against Busty Elf, but her immunity to the freezing was fixed too. Aslo, her stats were slightly nurfed


Developer: boobsgames
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Warlock and Boobs Version: 0.353
Censored: No
Size: 927 mb

Download game:



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