Tower version 30.5.22



Hello, my name is Alexander! I am 19 years old and here I live with Maria and Yulka, she recently turned 18 years old. My father was in a plane crash two years ago, the plane disappeared over the ocean, the wreckage was never found.
Since the plane crash, Maria is depressed, I tried to ease her life, helped her, etc., but so far nothing helps. Yulia is a typical young girl, stuck in the phone loves fashion, music and movies. We get along well, sometimes walking together on weekends. Well, I graduated from school and entered the local university. We should look for some extra work, or Maria’s hard to support the two of us.


– 148 videos. (twins)
– improved hint system


Developer: Towergames
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 30.5.22
Language: English
File size: 12.8 GB

Download game:


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