The Lust Hero v0.3



Professor D. Range, the supervillain mastermind, manages to escape from his confinement, the maximum security prison where he was taken after his last defeat.

He is hell-bent on revenge. The Order of Purity, a group of superheroes seeking to eradicate crime and imprison everyone who opposes the current goverment of Righteous City, are his main target. In order to face them, he has to find allies and reform his legendary team of misfits, the Scavengers.

On his journey, the genius but a bit absentminded protagonist has to face lustful and often hilarious events to reach his goal and to discover that nothing is as it seems to be..

Navigation has changed. You can now navigate through the locations by:
1. Highlighting and clicking objects.
2. Moving your cursor to the left or right side of the screen
3. Using the navigation icons at the upper right corner.

Tutorial updated accordingly.
New interactable object added to Ms. Fox’s office.
City map at night can be unlocked. New PP gain event added at night.
Removed time advance on moving. (Most likely it will fix the glitch which advanced two days instead of one on some occassion)
Julie – Ph level : 2
Lin – Ph level : 1
Storyline continuation – Pixia intro

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 473 MB

Download game:


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