The Chant of Dead – New Version 1.9.3B Patreon

The Chant of Dead

The Chant of DeadThe Chant of Dead

The Chant of Dead

The Chant of DeadThe Chant of Dead

The game follows the story of the innocent and virgin daughter of a noble family, who has to escape from her fief to save her life. Her mission is to warn the queen of the arrival of a new evil, the army of walkers (living dead) who raze everything in their path. Over the course of history you will have many possibilities. Follow the main mission, help the opposing kingdoms in their fight for power or against the walkers, or forget your mission and try to find the best way to live in this dark world.


v1.9.3B Patreon Version
– Added: 36 new pics.
– Added: 10 new scenes.
– Added 1 New maps.
– Added: 2 new Npcs (Capital of Anerland).
– Added: 5 New scenes In the tavern (Capital of Anerland).
– Added: new scenes between the protagonist and the clients of the tavern (Capital of Aberland).
– Added: New map (Mountain Kingdom – Kingdom Church)
– Added: New erotic scenes (tavern bathroom Capital of Anerland).
– Added New erotic scenes (tavern in the capital of Anerland).
– Reworking all dialogues in the game (Several of the dialogues with the Npjs didn’t feel right for the game or there were typos.).
– Updated: the quest book.
– Fixed some minor bugs.

Cheat-Code: 2240


Developer: FariseoStudio
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: 1.9.3B Patreon
Censored: No
Size: 373 mb

Download game:


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  1. You can’t do any of the “jobs” until you rest. The common inn does not give you the option to rest after you have rented a room. The expensive inn kills you when you rest there……..

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