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Culture Shock
Culture Shock

Culture ShockCulture Shock

Culture ShockCulture Shock

Culture ShockCulture Shock

Culture Shock in this game, you play as a boy who is not too smart not too strong but in this coming day’s everything gets change and you gets many opportunity to have fun with the girls that you will meet at the trip. but be aware you will find many other male NPC who will try to cuck you. you can fight or submit that’s your choice. And yes I am very new in game development so please don’t mind if you encountered bugs or some incorrect renders.
there are 3 routes to choose in the game route 1)(Harem route) be a man dominate every npc increase your attraction towards you and corrupt them. 2)(Voyeur route) be an asshole and let them get corrupted by others NPC characters

Culture Shock Changelog:
Redo of the remaining images of day3 and day4.
Party has 6 new possible ending.
2 alpha and 4 beta.

Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Size 2390 Mb



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