Panic Attack

Panic Attack Season 04

A future mayores (suffers from panicattacks) is fighting against corruption in the current government, while at the same time worrying about her husband, a special agent in the war zone. dangers lurking everywhere. the list of people she can trust is like non-existend and almost everyone wants her to fall. you are the director of…

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Squirt Game

Squirt Game Version 0.1.3

Squirt Game is an adult parody visual novel basically inspired by the show Squid Game. The biggest difference is that the challenges the players have to face are of a sexual nature. And so the story is adapted to fit this subject. Developer: StudentannasIn Platform: Windows Censored: No Version: 0.1.3 Language: English File size: 545…

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FemDomination 2

FemDomination 2 (Final)

Your car has broken in front of a scary looking mansion. The only way to get help is to go inside and make a phone call. Your girlfriend is against your marvelous idea, but hey, you are a brave dude, what could go wrong? Once you enter, all hell breaks loose. You get separated from…

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Touch the Soul

Touch the Soul Version 0.2a1

Goal in life can be lost in just one evening. You can also find one just the same. Will Amon become a puppet in the hands of gods, or does he have a different destiny. Developer: Touch the soul Platform: Windows Censored: No Version: 0.2a1 Language: English File size: 1200 mb Download game:  

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Dreams of Submission

Dreams of Submission v0.1.1

Dreams of Submission places you in the shoes of a regular guy who has to come to terms with his own kinky side. In order to save his relationship our hero allows himself to be put in a hypnotic sleep as his therapist constructs a harsh world ruled by dominant women inside his head. Developer:…

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The Last King

The Last King Ch. 1 Fix

This story is based on the medieval myths and taboos, so there is a lot of ground to cover because the protagonist will face various challenges and situations that will give you chill’s.? Developer: YoungGG Platform: Windows, Linux Censored: No Version: Ch. 1 Fix Language: English, Spanish File size: 1570 mb Download game:  

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