The Destiny of Siria Version


The Destiny of Siria

The story is about The Vampire Princess. She is the only female in her whole family. You can take control of Siria Iris Arelius, (In the future with 4 other protagonist), to help her with her destiny to gain the Throne… but how is in your hands… she can become a Queen, but remember this is Destiny, help her and her family to get her true endings Slave Queen or The Queen without being a slave? She isn’t naive… she is very powerful and stronger than all futa and females too.?


Added new characters. Some old face from Nobilium and one from Xorias are Back (Ermes).
Added 3 brunch of path in the past on each path from Ira Choise that impact Siria behavoire depend on Ira choise which mean how she react after her decsion.
Added continuation of One Century Later rute.
Added some limitation of choise which affect limitation of choise to the player Spirit and limitation of choice (Depend also if you played other MC Ira and Veia as well and what you choose for them skipping some important choise will affect the whole disposal of choice for spirit. In futures update gonna be more clear on this matter.)
Added new choise for Both MC Siria and Veia. (In future I will add new choise for MC Ira. Depend on which players is confortable with.)
Adding some choise about AJ.
A Futanari Vampire got a crash on on character.
Added flashback in the past where AJ where fighting against Jordan after see himd fighting aginstr her parents.


Developer: 88Michele88
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Language: English
File size: 616 mb

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