Sylphine – Version 0.02 (Windows, Android)


Sylphine is a sandbox Visual Novel built in RenPy that attempts to mix adult content, drama, action, and comedy.

His mother lost at a young age, your named MC finds himself living with one of her closest friends, Alex, a social worker with a penchant for those in need. Also under her care are 4 other girls, impolite tsundere Celeste, quirky bookworm Serra, laid-back gamer girl Lillian, and air-headed but sweet nature lover Gracie. Jump into the world of Sylphine as your MC finds his mind invaded by recurrent dreams that hint of a world beyond this one, a world full of magical beings, new lands, and powers beyond comprehension. A world that he soon discovers is more tangible than he would have ever believed.

15 new main story events
3 new Celeste Events
2 new Serra Events
2 new Alex events
2 new Gracie events
2 new Lillian events
10+ new locations
10+ new side characters

Over 100k new lines of dialogue
Over 600 new renders
Over 70 new animations

Developer: Glacerose
Platform: Windows, Android
Language: English
Version: 0.02
Censored: No
Size: 1580 mb

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Android version: