Sword of Wonder Version 0.44


You play as a shipwrecked merchant, struggling through the rain…until you meet the Lady, see a Sword in a Stone, and things progress from there. After you become better equipped and set out to carve yourself a kingdom in a foreign land, it could be something happens in the forest…or not.

Fixed quest bug with Briley;
Fixed quest bug with Uma;
Fixed quest bug with Pepper;
Fixed issue with Scene Replay for the Polly missionary scene;
Fixed issue with Briley scene (afternoon) skipping to evening;
Fixed a few lunches where energy was not restored from eating;
Made Jack the default name which fixes the issues in the Scene Gallery where the name was missing and the text would have a (blank) thus making some of it read strange on repeat.
Fixed multiple images that weren’t correct due to removal of the legacy CG gallery feature;
Fixed a bug with Uma in the evening when you talk with her.

Developer: Jill Gates
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Sword of Wonder Version: 0.44
Censored: No
Size: 2700 mb