Stepmother Love Ep. 1 v1.1



After the death of her best friend, Miyako stays with her husband and supports him and after a while she becomes his wife.
After spending some time alone, Miyako’s stepson is about to return from college.
With her husband gone most of the time, she begins to feel alone.
Her stepson finally gets home after a long time.
But spending time together, their relationship begins to change.
If they manage to maintains a normal relationship is up to you to decide.?

Bug fixes:
-chapter 1, now all images are 1280×720 resolution

-a new main menu
-now you have access to the preferences menu
-new textbox
-new loading screens
-added a flowchart menu
-added an end replay button

New content:
-added new reward
-added a few scenes

Developer: nexTGen
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Version: Ep. 1 v1.1
Censored: No
Size: 1000 mb

Download game:


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