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Succubus Contract Succubus Contract

Succubus Contract


This is the story of a guy who met a succubus because of his excessive lust. During the kiss, he didn’t realize it, he signed a contract with him and in the morning realized that he had turned into a girl. That’s how his adventure began. How will he take advantage of this situation? How will he get rid of the shackles of the contract? Where will the adventure road lead him and will he want to break this contract with the succubus?



202 images.
2000 lines of script.
Continuation of the story with Averia in the club
Continuing the story with Averia in her new apartment
MC can go home from the club and catch Tom off guard (very small, unfinished event)
New voluminous event in the dream realm
New characters (two orcs and one ogre)
Have you been saving up your lust, submission and dominance points? In this update you will need them, and they will affect the election
The Sleepy Kingdom is done in a fantasy style, with orcs, taverns, and one beautiful maid.
Minor bug fixes
Translation of the text is done using the new technology I wrote about earlier
Lesbian sex with a strap-on
Awesome renders


Developer: Stick4Luck
Platform: Windows
Language: English, Russian
Succubus Contract Version: 0.14
Censored: No
Size: 2120 mb

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