Sirius 2023 – Version 0.65

Sirius 2023

Sirius 2023

Sirius 2023 is an open RPG game. Go wherever you want, do whatever you want

The story describes the happy moment of the protagonist in Sirius. Gather girls everywhere to become sexual partners in their own factories. Follow you to fight. Become rich and powerful. Of course, you also need to have a good relationship with girls so that they can work harder to do everything for you?


1. Increase the plot. Ramda’s departure
2. Repair. Let’s live together. There is no prompt to complete the description bug after completion
3. Thank you. The bug feedback provided by player [michael kim]
4. Increase the plot. Crisis! The rise of titanium organisms
5. Add Slave 2. It can be tamed
6. Optimization. Slave 1 CG reset
7. Optimization. Reduced game size
8. Developing multilingual versions
9. Ramda oral sex cg remakes 60FPS frames
10. Ramda masturbates cg and reproduces 60FPS frames
11. Claret oral sex cg remakes 60FPS frames
12. Claret masturbates cg to remake 60FPS frames
13. Brenda oral sex cg reproduces 60FPS frames
14 .Brenda masturbates cg to remake 60FPS frames
15. Increase the plot. Wang Nv and lover
16. Ramda hand over cg to remake 60FPS frames
17. Claret hand cg remake 60FPS frames
18. Brenda hand cg remake 60FPS frames
19. Omega cg remakes 60FPS frames
20. Ramda and Claret’s prank cg remake 60FPS frames
21. White-haired girl cg remakes 60FPS frames
22. Live together cg remakes 60FPS frames
23. Fix. Wrong judgment of enemy level
24. Fix. Wrong judgment of the number of enemy attacks
25. Fix the bug of Ramda aphrodisiac cg
26. Optimization. Special effect of hydrogen biological explosive clothing
27. Increase the plot. Brenda’s memory
28. Optimize the plot. The follow-up waiting time of lost Omega is halved
29. Fix the sound effect problem of the universe
30. Increase. plot. loss and grief


Developer: Sigma Success
Platform: Windows
Censored: No
Version: 0.65
Language: English
Size: 313 mb

Download game:


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