Sex Kingdom Version 0.2a (Windows/Android)


Sex Kingdom

The game tells the story of a medieval healer who is called to the Kingdom of Sex, where the men of the kingdom have contracted a mysterious sexual disease and you are the only one capable of curing them. Flirt with nymphomaniac elves, save half-naked princesses or drink in the tavern with the King’s beautiful guards. Sex Kingdom awaits you!?

In this version there were a number of important changes, such as the addition of a relationship bar, a gallery and more sound effects. And, of course, a significant increase in the story with additional scenes for the character’s first day. Some existing scenes and animations have been completely reworked, both in terms of images and dialogues, so I recommend deleting saved games and starting a new one.

Developer: Stripped Games
Platform: Windows/Android
Language: English / Portuguese
Version: 0.2a
Censored: No
Size: 507 mb

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